Ten most popular game character around Blade and Soul

 Blade and Soul gold as a large network of online games, many game characters. Hot sexy the NPC old sister, pure and lovely lolita from the spiritual family, the opposite of snake-hearted boss, people miss the story characters, and so too portray distinctive Blade and Soul tells the story of a character to us around the story of the protagonist (the player). However, what kind of people is most welcomed? Here Blade soul gold share for everyone to take stock of what’s the top 10 most welcomed figures.

  TOP 10: flowers seamless

  Personage introduction: she is the ukraine fall starflex, with Chan Su is the old enemy. Eat, drink, play and enjoy is the Ukraine aim, flowers being recruited by seamless frequently to mobilize his men find asura treasure, However, because of the vice the recruited Tanghong reason nature has changed. Spend no trace that the the last Vice recruited Tanghong betrayal almost died in the hands of the bone surface tribe.

  Ranking reasons: a flower known as the Blade soul gold chest no trace can be considered a a small jasper type of one-eyed beauty is the ideal companion for many otaku minds of the players. Her right eye and Su Lotus, can be considered a compassionate woman, the one-eyed unique temperament will get a lot of the players concerned.

  TOP 9: Yi Yunshan

  Personage introduction: world envoys call a ghost! Yi Yunshan: “Hung Dan Gendi child is his weakness, fly on Qin Yi Jue, although I strongly objected, but in the end they do not listen to me.” He created the most terrible marriage - parents and children, the same it has also become his weakness. Qin Yi must in order to avoid and seclusion blade soul gold encountered a protagonist. Finally, in order to kill Qin Yi must prepare mutinous respect league conventions because of internal betrayal and Qin Yi must be reversed.

  Ranking reasons: Yi Yunshan, a somewhat natural stayed one is too the face plus with mustache, sprout point also pricey, but in fact he is a very rational and calm character. Its final scene as one (child) players game through the story is good or sad. His death should be regarded as Blade soul gold throughout the story most can not bear the most tragic.

  TOP8: Chen Suer

  Personage introduction: female bounty hunter in the big desert had been too the Hung Shigen great help, friendly, very protagonist (the player) like to drink, but not a good drinker! For the dead-head flowers fall, recruited and Ukraine seamless, and there are several of the battle, but the character of the two people is quite similar, and do the same thing, so the task of beginning to end in the desert basically may just see the surface fight.

  List of reasons: the person gun girl, sexy domineering! Forthright sense of justice, should be the ideal confidante of a lot of people! Do this task about her still miss.

  TOP7: dust-free

  Personage introduction: Hung martial art of the Betrayer book called Meteor. Born in the great desert would have been a lot of dream child, but because of the magic Ying Jiang lost sister began to fall! His to Hung Shigen subordinates in order to get the freemason magic. We all know he is a big sentenced thief. Became Qin Yi Jue men, but compared with Orchids, Gege, and did not get the Qin Yi Jue much trust. Received descendants to dispose of the asura song Lotus’s task, but failed due to greedy.

  Ranking reasons: as a person who had many dreams, so many girls lost sister fall sad! Finally turned into a big traitors, but a lot of girls like. Hey! Fact, traitors and lonely, he can be considered a man comparison tragedy.






Diablo 3 gold will increase equipment metamorphosis in the future

Looked at a thousand times a day all equipment styling make you feel tired? Good news that the Blizzard designer said it plans to to increase equipment metamorphosis function in the future to Diablo 3 gold.

  What’s metamorphosed function?

  This is a very attractive feature in World of Warcraft, you can put your body the shape of an equipment transformed through the NPC as the appearance of the items you want to get. This conversion is generally required to comply with some translation principles, such as the corresponding parts and equipment type (Plate / Cloth is no distinction in Diablo 3 gold, so this limitation does not exist), and limited site selection, such as jewelry, and other. The metamorphosis of the process can be repeated and reversed example you the appearance of a shoulder, turned, you can continue the metamorphosis of another shape or restore the original appearance.
 Figure World of Warcraft above example, the left and the metamorphosis of the interface, the right is the current role, my metamorphosis goals shoulders (note that part of the left shoulder rotation aperture), you can see that I tried to the views of ordinary blue-quality shoulder, turned to the shape of the shoulders.

  This feature is clearly popular, buy diablo 3 gold especially for shape control, but also have some problems, slowly the characters in the game will gradually shape a unified, personalized metamorphosis, the game will lose colorful equipment style. Example Avision may be many people early metamorphosis choose, of course, there Horadrim Hamburg.

  Concrete results and form but also the future when the function introduced, which, the metamorphosis of the requirements and costs, etc. For example, the metamorphosis of the site selection and restrictions.







Crippled opponent is a good opponent for control field

 To the magician, the most resounding reputation PVE is the control field masters ice method, relying on the critical mass to achieve almost subvert the game’s ability to control field. But high attack speed high hit high trigger conditions will not appear in PVP, ice-law have fallen, although there have been reports that ice method opponent a few did not experience abuse, but the dodge and various solution control recrimination the presence of the skills the ice of hope has gone.

  Since Diablo 3 gold can not unlimited control field, then how the magician control field? Course the answer is a big yes, magician not only to control the market, and also to try to do to become a master of control field.

  The control field roughly two, can not action class and deceleration class. The class include dizziness, blindness, fear, freeze out of control, the effect is that people unable to move, stay put or run around. The deceleration class such as Soul Eater, ice attribute Jordan, deceleration time and space and his ilk Arcane and frozen effect. Character movement speed is reduced to 60% -80% has been decelerated.

  Achieve control field has two channels, one equipment effect, a skill effect. Equipment can have some small chance of crowd control effects, to 5.1%, not the same on different equipment

  Diablo 3 gold even can find without considering whether affixes and equipment, theoretically hit once full control field equipment to a 48.81% chance of success control field, the opponent will be very depressed. If the mage will play the resulting acid rain so high hit skills, such control field would be terrible, Unfortunately, the magicianof the few high trigger skills, cyclones and in vivo lightning hit players too easy to avoid.

  From a skills perspective, the magician buy diablo 3 gold of the control field skills, including ice ring, energy shock waves, avatar the afterimage blasting blizzard, frost-ray, with the space-time return of Arcane spells, and the lightning spell with the paralysis of electric shock. Addition avatar analog avatar can also simulate the control effects of shock waves and ice ring.

  Magician the use of the control field, there are two, barbarian close melee, through a series of controlled field continuous let the barbarians in the side can not tamper with a 5-6 seconds, and then through the ice-rays to kill barbarian. If Diablo 3 gold can not kill, you can throw in the towel.








Ready before Blade and soul spiral labyrinth copy

1. Attack 380, crit 45%, 210% storm damage, through 500. (Many people say that through is useless, it blade soul gold was also said that through only have effect on humanoid monsters. The big boss in labyrinth is humanoid, the scarlet set of trigram + 400 through jewelry, do not bother to heap through. If you think through is useless, just let it be.)

  2. The crystal blue grass nostrums: direct recovery 7000 or 9000 only 15 seconds CD (2 species). (Very expensive, but can cause the boss to make life difficult for it is not worth it, so be prepared to 10, a critical moment to drink).

  3. The crystal blue grass restore drug: It is recommended to buy the 8 Blade soul gold one, to restore the blood of 10,000.

  4. Spiral labyrinth resurrection blade and soul gold symbol: Same as above, because the few Blade soul gold make life difficult too suck.

  5. Even if you have no intention wasteland labyrinth not teammates, to the labyrinth entrance every day you can pick up a daily, give you a labyrinth tickets.







The magician meteorite build positioning in Diablo 3

  1. The double monster unlimited even meteorites

  The advantages of the meteorite is more monsters the so called farm. When a lot of monsters, no need to tangle single monsters. Therefore, in accordance with this requirement, the back can request: burst back 20 + minus 17 secretary (10 points from equipment, 7 point from skills).

  That is burst back 30 + minus 12 secret can (5 point from equipment, 7 point from skills). These two values are also exploring the data testing is not yet complete, etc. and then to complete the experiment before they can be finalized. In short come slowly, icewind 3 version was perfect like this now, the meteorite is a late start, give him a little time.

  With respect to equipment D3 gold recommend: Jordan and Chantodo deputy. 2 equipped with the most provincial affixes, the second is better to buy Chantodo speed is also useful, the Jordan very cheap. Do not need to buy the expensive one.

  2. Farm5-8 difficulty

  Not to say that can not go 10 difficulty, but because the meteorite is the best performance in difficulty and mid. The equipment and affixes to consider, the meteorite require high return, of affixes and equipment types limit.

  Optional equipment up in the mid-term of the time, can be used with a build. In the case of the mid-term is not the pursuit of the ultimate efficiency meteorites can be flourishing. In addition, each of the meteorite Rune have their bright spots in different scenes use different runes so that it can be interpreted meteorites gorgeous.

  Another point farm to pay attention to efficiency ,100000-200000 unbuff magician, the higher the efficiency of the 5-8MP, it is recommended that this period of difficulty.

  3. More suitable for team

  The monk + ice + barbarian +pyrogenic process. Anyone has tried know how cool. Strong control of the ice with strange, monk pull strange, barbarian’s battle roar, meteorites provide the best output environment. Kept as long as you point to live meteorite hit OK.

  4. Constantly refers

  We can see that the trigger class skills buy d3 gold replaced that. As long as you start 123 brush full buff. Team ice ring, do not you put, just make sure to have ice ring buff is OK. Directly hold down the skin, hold down the meteorite kept the hit on it.

  D3 gold believe there are a lot of people, black people and equipment on a bad not difficult, not tired or speed can not play ice method. Why do not you try meteorites do? The especially high rich handsome sister who you play ice law when in front of your sister behind brain meteorite. So that the output is high, they will not die (with cover, ice ring do protection, it is not with a transfer, Bang Bang!)








Selection of core trigram and auxiliary property

Basically, the core trigram esteem the asura trigram drop from the asura town. 1,3,5,7 core attributes are physical strength, the suit property increased physical attributes.

  Although the capacity value is blade and soul gold randomly determined values, but only wear asura trigram and package with basic decorations can also reach about 25,000 of the vitality, the vitality of this degree are all very best in the contest.

  Vitality increase while it is important to reduce the the attack fails probability of hit properties also very essential.

  Updated since february 6, the overall hit rate has been raised. 300 about the value the base attack hit rate of 85% plus we can achieve a 99% hit rate. Taking into account across the opponent’s block and evade probability, Buy blade and soul gold have to fully ensure that the value of this ability.

  In addition to the asura trigram blade soul gold we also can with a high value of own ability maze trigram. The core properties to hit No. 2 / core of the defense force, assisted vitality No. 4 / vitality can be increased up to 2,830 of the 6th / with lethal properties on the 8th.






Alternative team play the magician also available with sever

 Hello, everybody, first of all Buy d3 gold hope that you in 1.07 after a week of hard work, has to create their ideal shoulders gloves and other items. The past two days Buy d3 gold was busy testing, bag hoard over 100 essence has not yet begun to build.

  Today Buy d3 gold want to share with you a wonderful weapon, the sever.

  First look at the sword. The DPS is very ordinary, most probably around 1100, equipment DPS drop tens of thousands is not a problem, but only one immediately attribute with blast injuries or steal to hole. In fact, there are two focus, first is the own demons addition, but most focus on its effects, “let the enemy victors”.

  The effects witch doctor dagger, which hit the enemy death, you play hurt and then multiplied by 100 times the damage. For example, the final blow you storm hit 400,000, then the effects will burst astonishing 40 million yellow letters.

  But when the enemy is dead burst, buy diablo 3 gold how to use? And blood-sucking special effects have been cut down, this not a toy.

  Yes, but new ways of our magician, cooperate with demon hunter. And Buy d3 gold choose the skills you exactly need to select the DPH high.

  Be sure to let demon hunter choose death mark, because 12% of this play is to swath through marked for Death Rune, will never cut burst of amazing yellow letters allocated to within 20 yards, causing AOE damage, speed clearance strange , the effect of shock.






Blade and Soul kungfu masters easily the dry down Asura three shadow

Kungfu masters singles Asura virtual shadow is difficult, unlike the boxer and swordsman so easily, although the output is high, but too brittle to touch a few direct die, they still need attention blade and soul gold about what to walk and so on.

  Because Blade soul gold are brittle, so you must use the single copy of the maximum output of talent, fighting so that we can reduce the time, it can be say that really protect yourself, following is the talent picture.
 Here mainly talk about the absorb this skill, this skill can crit! Attack the higher absorption more, of course, if crit it absorbed more, not to mention 200% blast injuries 3 point internal force value, while recovery skills so cool. The skills are the most important skills blade soul gold of self-protection when Blade soul gold single brush.

  Skills CD is about 30 seconds, all right not to use this skill, kungfu masters crit is high, use whatever is indeed able to wash a lot of blood, but there is no guarantee that we will not absorb the CD by the greater harm, so save your life or keep it, crit blood went back to full.

  Glaciers palm, this skill can frostbite the target or frozen target additional damage, over 2000 additional damage in the case of poor equipment, and can crit so be sure to keep the BOSS who have frostbite or freezing.






Diablo 3 gold will be landing PS4 host

 The ongoing PS4 conference creative vice president of Blizzard Chris Metzen suddenly debut, brought an extremely shocking news: Diablo 3 gold will landing PS4 host!
 He said that in the past, Blizzard main part has been the PC and PC players, but they have been hoping to be able to make a difference on the host, to this end, Blizzard has been working for a long time.

  The game Blizzard develop for PS4 and PS3 today officially announced, is Diablo 3 gold! The operation of the buy diablo 3 gold games will be optimized for PS3 and PS4, support 4 people online to play.

  Unfortunately, there is no video presentation at the PS4 conference, but Blizzard promised to release more information on the PAX East next month, including video!

  It’s really a good news for both Diablo 3 gold fans and PS fans. Let’s look forward to it together.







Spirit swordman with assassin and summoner war flow the pvp world

As of February 18, 2013. To buy blade soul gold the ladder list, the first five are spirit swordsman, assassin, assassin, assassin, summoner. 6-20 among non of these three occupations, only four individuals. Seen tourney field has been ruled by spirit swordsman, assassin, summoner.

  The introduction of the contest system has more than two months time, the understanding of the players for PVP gradually clear up, and several patches of official Blade and Soul PVP becomes more fun, full of change and excitement. Blade soul gold remember the first day of the contest just left my little swordsman basically ray chop + flash on the end of the battle, of course, may be seconds. Now the contest will be based on your ladder integral to match opponents, so you do not experience the level a lot of players worse than you, which represent more concentrate to win.

  Flexible spirit swordsman, the blade and soul gold defense bonus when circling, protection orders, crawling, sword with ray chopped flash outbreak, let him surging in the contest. Assassin’s stealth single one let a lot of people headaches, seamless even strokes, high damage thunder, let PVE depressed assassin elated. Summoner people meow integrated, multi bully less, a short CD dandelion annoying wound, as well as the the meow star high defense, so you hit meow is not the batterer is not. Blade soul gold http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5598_108_spirit-swordman-with-assassin-and-summoner-war-flow-the-pvp-world_news.html hard to force the swordsman has been a long time did not pan out daily five-game winning streak.