How to keep players be busy in Guild Wars 2?

When the Guild Wars 2 first came out, that has caught most players eyelights for a period. But when more and more players have leveled over 80, they do not know what else they should do later. In order to make players be busy in a game, ArenaNet has developed new updated monthly and timely. These new patches and new living story have brought player a world to explore and let them out of the normal adventures, also remind them to keep smiling all the time.

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3v3 jousting tournament ranking list in April

 To the team, there are relatively strong professionals, like force master, swordsman, summoner, spirit swordsman, other professional according to teammates can integrate a team very good.

  These three careers are in 3 v3 mode, the main occupation of 20 professional, team competition is sharp team configuration so it can be seen that generally has the three professional one.

  Inside the top 20, force master is very sharp, blade soul gold occupy the first, second, total 3 people.

  Summoners is the third, total 5 people.

  Spirit swordsman ranking the fourth and fifth, total 5 people.

  Boxer the best is 8, the total number is 6 people.

  The best assassin rank the 16th and only 1 person.

  Swordsman, kungfu master just like in 1 v1 mode, no great players into the top 20.

  Maybe swordsman should hurry to buy some Blade and Soul gold to get the legendary weapons, otherwise, how to catch up with other careers.

Black weapons are better than the elemental damage

The first bug is that “+x% damage” was supposed to work for elemental damage only. So, for example, “+5% Fire damage” was supposed to take any fire damage that you did and add 5% more. If you dealt 100 Fire damage, you would get 5% more Fire damage and deal 105 Fire damage in total.

  However (and this is where the bug comes in), instead of looking at your elemental damage, the game would always look at d3 gold your physical damage, and add a percentage of that as elemental damage. So, to continue with my example, “+5% Fire damage” would take 100 physical damage and then produce 100 physical damage, plus 5 fire damage on top of that. As a result, rather than making you want items that matched the elemental damage types you had bonuses for, the bug simply made black weapons the best.

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  The other bug is the way the Min/Max Damage affix works. As you mention, minimum damage is applied first and increases the maximum damage to be 1 more than the minimum value. This is correct behavior, since we don’t want maximums that are less than the minimum. The bug here is that the game always attempts to ensure that the maximum damage on a weapon is higher before maximum damage values are even applied, which results in inflated damage amounts. (We actually fixed this bug in the new version of the Ruby in 1.0.7.)

  In this specific case, we don’t want to change how existing items work, and fixing these bugs would absolutely do that. We know that acquiring and valuing items is an important part of the Diablo experience and do not want to change the mechanics of how an item property works when people have already invested in it.

Related feedback of PTR patch 1.08 fighting alarm function

 Blizzard community manager for the reply, they are including the tooltip element such as the color and the logo above the banner for processing, perhaps the next PTR patch test, we can see the obvious change.

  Cooperation mode, fighting alarm is not obvious. When diablo 3 gold your teammate encounters, it is difficult to from the map recognition of these cross axes style tags.

  Compared to the war on behalf of the little red dot, in the chat window prompt “you are fighting with xyz monster” is more practical.

  What I expect is a larger and more visible labels, such as the legendary drops gold stars, or add similar to teammates vision within the scope of the elite monster head’s skull icon.

  It’s just a small mark on the map, is it difficult to detect?

  I think “players are and xyz monster” message should be changed to other color, such ability are more obvious. Maybe red can be a good idea?

  As for this point, we are quite agree with what you say, and has already begin looking for other available colors for these tips. I believe the star should only appear when it’s had been dropped by a monster, not a player. If it’s behaving differently, then that’s probably a bug. Now the alarm on the use of the banner is a temporary icon.

  Wait until the next PTR patch test sent out then later to see, tell me how you feel. And during the time waiting, why not buy some D3 gold to strength your equipments and take more exercise to improve your operation.


Black and white angel fashion is coming off the shelves

 Everyone should know that on March 14, Blade and Soul fashion mall appeared the valentine’s day fashion, also is know as black and white lingerie set. Although the two fashion is only to buy in the mall, but it can be traded, it means that it can be put in the auction house buying and selling.

  On April 3, the fashion will be blade and soul gold pulled from the shelves, the player will not be able to buy again. After all this is a limited edition fashion.

  But players should pay attention to this, if this fashion can’t buy at the mall, the price will be turned on several times! So what is the meaning of this, you should understand, right?

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Why the cooperation mode just allows only four diablo 3 players at most

We all know that diablo 3 new patch will strengthen cooperation mode. But the cooperation mode just allows only four Diablo 3 Gold players at most. This makes a lot of players feel confused. After all there are five different characters in diablo 3.

So what is this why? The community manager gave us a very detailed explanation. The team size design of the cooperation mode is influenced by many factors. But the host version of development is not one of these factors.

Although Cheap Diablo 3 Gold sounds good to allow more players to fight together. However, many factors determine the four teams in diablo 3 is the most ideal. In fact, there is no relation to the number of the players can choose.

Once the cooperation mode allows five players to play together. It will make players feel that they are compulsory for each team must have all characters. This is not we want to see.

In addition, if add a person in the team. Buy Diablo 3 Gold will reduce the players' respective contributions. In spite of this, diablo 3 still need to strengthen the cooperation mode.


Class specific items is guaranteed to random class specific stats

Class specific items can sometimes fall into a weird place. For example, you’re playing your Demon Hunter, you see a Rare quiver on the ground, you identify it, and BAM! +300 Strength. At this point, you’re probably thinking (or even saying aloud) Why is that even possible?!

  While we feel that randomness is an incredibly important aspect of Diablo games, we also agree that players need diablo 3 gold to feel like their next great item is just around the corner. Items can roll many stats that may not be valuable to the player who finds them, and that’s fine—but most items should feel like they could be good for someone.

  Quivers rolling their primary stat as Strength doesn’t really play any role here; however, we don’t want to remove randomness completely and have it be a forgone conclusion that every quiver you pick up will roll with the exact stats you want. While we are changing it so that class specific items can’t roll the primary value of a different class’s stat, that doesn’t mean you will never see +Strength on a quiver. What it does mean is you will only see +Strength on a quiver if it came as part of a Dex/Str affix or a Str/Vit affix, which is providing some benefit (even if not ideal) to the class the item is intended for.

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Diablo 3 planning to exclude MF and GF affix from gear

The problem with MF, specifically, is that it makes it really difficult to design a game that feels rewarding to all of our players instead of just some of them. When players first started getting to max level and farming Inferno, we used to get a lot of feedback saying “I haven’t found a d3 gold single Legendary item yet” and other people who would say “I find about one Legendary an hour,” and the difference was really how much MF they were stacking. While we like the idea MF, because of how it allows players the option to customize their character for item finding, we don't like that, in many situations, it feels mandatory. We also want players to feel like their time playing Diablo III is always rewarding, and having an MF discrepancy of up to 300%+ between players makes that incredibly hard from the design perspective.

  So, while we haven’t finalized what we want to do just yet with MF, we know we want to do something, and we want that change to be meaningful. We’ll be sure to let you know about any changes to MF or GF that might be coming your way, and of course we’d love to hear your feedback in the meantime.

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Hot picture of Blade and Soul share

The most popular class is Blade Master because of the good control and wonderful combo. Blade Master is also the very popular class to team up for an instance. Lyn race is the most popular race.

  Recently players’ complaining blade and soul gold is increasing. One is for the lack of game content. Players are expecting new regions. Another is about that NCsoft has less consideration for new players, fixing fatal bug not in time, as well as no punishment for who destroy the market prices of items in game. Gems and materials for enhancing which buy from NPCs are referred to the in-game market. Gold transaction is allowed between players in the game.

  Many sites on the internet are selling tradable items for cash. Weapons are not allowed traded. As to the Legendary Weapon, the trade refers to “Black Dragon Box”, one of the important items, as well as other materials for crafting the Legendary Weapon.
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Nephalem experience reward is calculated by multiplication

10 monsters under the intensity of screenshots below is purgatory difficulty, you can see, 10 bonus to strength the basis of the experience is 510%, with a layer of rem's method of courage, experience reward has already exceeded 600%, and the stack full 5 layers of experience reward has reached 967.1%.

  Experience ratio: 1.15 x, this ratio by d3 gold nie method rem courage and multiplayer games. Stack method after the yong of rem, five layer experience ratio of 1.75 x, the total experience rewards reached 967.1%.

  Afterwards, the author tested again multiplayer gain and Nephalem’s method of superposition of courage. As you can see in the picture below, nie method rem courage and new people joining games gain to add operation, then multiplied by the basic experience rewards, experience in total rewards. Every teammate can experience ratio is increased by 10%, the graph 2 people cooperation game, a total experience has been above 1000%
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The experience of scorpion will be cut in patch 1.08

After reading the developer logs: multiplayer games improved, Reddit BBS on players have pointed out that, at present the third act of the scorpion experience design is not reasonable to Diablo 3 Gold, if not modified, will undermine efforts development team to adjust the density of monster. Blizzard's game designers Wyatt Cheng expressed, and mentioned the scorpion experience value will be reduced 75%. Patch 1.08 will be the monster density adjustment, however, then there will be more for players to choose the route of the farm, the player is unnecessary limited in the third act of the game.

The scorpion experience must be reduced. Considering that we have increased all the other things, and also gain effect of multiplayer provides direct, we don't want to let the game further expansion.

Specifically, the scorpion's experience value will be reduced 75%. Sounds like there is a down very much, because the experience cuts so huge is not an interesting thing, but I hope you can agree with what I said, if you think so, a giant hammer lords experience only 1.5 times that of the scorpion is not just a giant hammer lords, most of the game monster has a reasonable proportion of experience, and now it is clear that the scorpion is not belong to one of them.

At the same time, Wyatt also mentions the 1.08 patch will not modify treasure goblins life value.

Wyatt: a few months ago, we did mentioned d3 gold we will re-examine under high intensity of monster, his brother brin life value. After research and test, we get the final conclusion is now the life value of the goblins in both high strength and are very reasonable in the multiplayer game. This could happen, you can survive under the monster high strength for most of the attacks, but not in time to kill a goblins. We think it is no problem, it means that you can continue to work hard, one day in the future, you will be able to get that treasure goblins.

About Diablo 3 PTR v. multiplayer team game patch

This early morning, Diablo 3 gold PTR server has been updated 1.08 patch, and announced the update list officially. But please note, currently it is unable to login PTR server and game version number (v. is not consistent with the patch list version number, PTR test still does not start officially.

Players can do one time identification for all equipment by talk with Cain or use the book of Cain. The book of Cain is located near the shared storage box with Diablo 3 Gold. Under the purgatory difficulty, outside the town, the cool down time to replace skills reduced from 60 seconds to 30second. Under full-screen window mode, there is an option to lock the cursor in the video settings, the cursor will be locked on the game screen. ( if the game is under current window state.)

Multiplayer team game

Each added one player in the room, the other players can be able to get 10% of the MF、GF and experience rewards. When four people play the game, can up to 30% increase at most. MF and GF rewards can be up to more than 300% of the role itself, add with rewards from other equipments and monster strength(multiplication ways). In multiplayer games, when the team players come across elite monsters or Goblins, system will send notification and marked place on small map. Except this, when player fight with d3 gold monster, elite monster or Goblin, the Senki of players in town will have message icon too.


Naryu country coins introduction in Blade and Soul

magic stats equips or Su–wol plain hero equips). Meanwhile, it’s a waste to decompose eliminative weapons or sell them to merchants and there’s no good way to recycle them. The appearance of Naryu coin is to solve these issues.

  Way to obtain:

  1. Decompose weapons, bo–pae and accessories.

  Players will have certain chance to get coins by decomposing hero equips of Great Desert and Su–wol Plain or equips of senior instances. The higher quality the equip is, the higher chance will be to get silver coins. And you can only decompose specific level 45 rare equips to get gold coins.

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  2. Complete daily quests.

  There’s certain chance for daily quests in Great Desert and Su–wol Plain to reward iron coins or silver coins.

  3. Part of monsters or bosses will loot coins directly.

  Lower chance for monsters in Great Desert and Su–wol Plain to loot coins directly and higher chance for that in Stormy Sea Snake Supply Base and Tower of Mushin.


  Iron coins, silver coins and gold coins blade soul gold can all exchange equips of corresponding quality at the first floor of Sea Tree Village.


Pursuit of career identity really so difficult

 Especially we witch doctor this career, single brushes and team is completely two kinds of style, the best is with professional cooperation between us.

  Imagine three or four big how powerful BUFF d3 gold stack is non-toxic, the nurse assisted opening through the fog is how luxury, this is our shaman characteristics, that is best for our professional identity.

  A few days ago, a friend send a team to brush 10 p video vault. Inspired by them, I realized that a record in the wet nurse aided by pushing the bear shaman brush 10 p red gate’s video.

  Have no chance to express their love of the medicine profession, just take this opportunity to say a ball.

  Principles, combined with las cano takes 41 seconds, siege beast and coolers combination 1 take 20 seconds, the skeleton king and magda combination 1 minutes and 23 seconds. It’s very bossy!

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Long novice domineering Raiders

I play the dragon game has 80, quite a few detours in the course of the game, accumulated summarizes some dragon novice Raiders, dragons will novice friends want to play, do not waste precious time, a small amount of money put into greater revenue, play handy.
1, the selected service
Long the novice Raiders to tell you, if you personally is a lively and cheerful person, you can choose the person more than another lively the big serving, if you is a silent calm of the people, can choose small small clothing or village service where resources was in short, easy to upgrade and Zhaojin. The beginning, it is best to first select a small service, accumulated some experience and then select a large serving.
2, selected occupations and countries
Choice of employment, try to choose a shooter, army, division, or Reggie, playing to 70, Reggie will be the most practical, the election does not occupation, the cause behind the game in stones and weapons material distribution is not balanced. Select a country, and basically gifts volumes, especially long-term play friends, it is recommended that you choose to Shu, rose to 70, Shu gold will be the most practical.
3, upgrade
Play Dragon can download accelerator allows you to immediately reach 30, if the 15:00 service immediately play devil, accumulate more experience. On this basis, and then the game caught coolies interaction can rapidly rose to 2-3 grade, re-issued military orders to cross the border after the upgrade is complete, will add a lot of experience and money.
4, competitive
Prestige and boxes from athletics, 50 basic small R keep in not less than 20 R can not punch too, will not catch the coolie, and sometimes others coolies, so small experiences. Both wise to keep the box, but also the local main. Competitive Legion went into, then you must not break into the top 10, or you can as coolies.
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Diablo 3 is finally about to stand-alone

1 April Fool's Day this day, Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 to open a stand-alone, absolutely blockbuster. Blizzard announced early this morning, "Diablo 3" the PC version can finally play single out.
Blizzard spokesman Wosddszd said, "Diablo 3" PC version will be the next patch (v1.08) update patch brought offline mode. Wosddszd said: "upcoming" Diablo 3 "host version supports offline games, but the most recent player feedback, this PC version of the player seems a bit unfair. Realize that this is a mistake, all players should enjoy the same treatment, so we decided to open in the next update offline game modes.
"By definition, the offline mode is available so players do not networking also can Kill Diablo. Course, if you need a friend to help you a helping hand if, at any time networking to achieve. We will be in the game menu added networking button, the player can at any time switch offline / networking model. "

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Modify like this will make Blade and Soul more playable

  1. Add a special item bar in the warehouse, other roles in your accounts can also get these items in it.

  2. When the weapon damage to the extreme, blade and soul gold weapon disappear automatically, let those who don’t know how to cherish weapons go to cry themselves.

  3. Add some special maps for players PK field, like the little pit in asura tower, the scenery is beautiful, there are mountains and water, there is beauty, playing field may feeling well.

  4. Increase some rainy weather in the maps, occasionally play thunder and flash, in the rain fight with a friends series 300 round.

  5. Muddy and wulin, out of a belong to his skills, provide learning for the disciples, this everybody’s opinion, the more skills, the better.

  Above are my suggestion for Blade and Soul, though the game has no come out yet, but we all look forward to it, and I will buy some Blade soul gold in advance, so that I won’t fall behind other players.



Diablo 3 popularity plunge due to the auction house

 Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson recently published a report that describes the difficulties and problems of Diablo 3.

  He think the current version of d3 gold the auction houses have deeply hurt the game. Join the auction house is designed to limit the virtual currency price of a commodity within the game, Blizzard think that only a handful of players will use it. Instead of the facts coincide with what Blizzard is expected, however, almost all players use the auction house, and active users of more than 50%.

  Ultra high volume makes the purpose of the players has changed, from the resultant force against monsters into a brush brush, brush the good equipment for sale has become many people’s purpose, and even led to many professional brush. “We want to close the auction if you can, but what’s done is done, now it is not easy to make such changes.”

  Jay Wilson expressed Blizzard official views on auction house, he also said Blizzard is currently seeking a reasonable “solution”, to make sure without damage the interests of the player to solve the plight of Diablo 3.

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